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Revitalize our Robots (Northwestern University Robotics Club)

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Northwestern University Robotics Club

Who are we?

Northwestern University Robotics Club (NURC) serves as an outlet for undergraduate students to apply skills learned in class to real projects that are proposed, led, and run by students. This can lead to meaningful learning experiences in all areas of engineering in addition to other disciplines. This results in tremendous personal and intellectual growth for club members. In addition, we aim to inspire the Northwestern community and the broader Evanston community as a whole through active outreach with local schools and libraries.

NURC accepts all students, engineers and nonengineers alike, and we are proud to call ourselves a no-barrier organization. Our goal is to create an inclusive, equitable environment where members are free from financial burdens; however, this is only possible through outside support, sponsorships, and grants.  Thus, we provide members with the ability to pursue their passion for robotics to the fullest extent possible on campus.

Our Goal

This year, we are trying to assert ourselves as strong contenders at national competitions such as the Norwalk Havoc Robot League (combat robotics) and the National Underwater Robot Competition (underwater remotely vehicle). Our teams have been working to design strong, robust mechanisms and machines, and to bring them to life, we need to upgrade our materials and motors.

How you can help

To further our member’s meaningful experiences, we need more hardware to fabricate our robots.  NURC is all about learning and trying new things, which means failing, sometimes over and over, and trying again. This cannot happen without spares to replace fried microcontrollers and cracked plates or new parts to upgrade old ones.

Therefore, any gift, no matter the amount, has a significant impact on the education of our members, as they’re getting another chance at that ever-so-rewarding feeling of finally making it work. Additionally, NU Robotics Club, despite its rapid growth, is relatively new at Northwestern, so any commitment to sharing our mission and spreading the word goes a long way as well. Share us throughout your networks if you're willing; we welcome all support, and need as many people as possible to reach our goals!

Lets build some robots! Join The Build!

Choose a giving level


Custom PCB

Custom PCBs- Our custom printed circuit boards allow us to create more efficient electronic systems and allow our EE minded students the chance to design their own boards, something that is not frequently taught at Northwestern.


Electronic Speed Controller

ESCs allow us to control our motors with precision. But, they frequently break. Help us purchase extras!


Titanium Plate

A very strong piece of versatile metal that we use for building armor for combat robots, frames for other systems


Steel Plate

A hardened, heavy duty piece of metal that we use to construct the most durable blades and frames for our team


Motor and Gearbox

Motors and gearboxes allow us to get our robots moving


3 lb Combat Robot

The combat robotics subteam is working to construct a couple 3lb robots that can fight against each other or other teams at the Norwalk Havoc robotics tournament later this year. Each robot costs ~$250 though, so help us make this dream a reality


Full Robot

Fully cover one of our robots! While they vary in price, our 30lb combat robots, lacrosse robots, foosball machines, and UROV (submarines) are all under construction, and need your help to keep moving and improve.

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