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Microfinance Panel (ISBE)

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Microfinance Panel (ISBE)

Who are we?


The Microfinance branch of the Institute for Student Business Education (ISBE) is committed to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in our local community.


Too many students harbor a wrong sense of what business is: that it’s a tool that people use to abuse their privilege and prey on the less knowing, however, microfinance is the exact opposite of that. It is the giving of small, start-up loans to local entrepreneurs who can’t afford the collateral or interest rates of bigger, regional banks.


Microfinance is the personal intersection between banking and entrepreneurship and is one of the most essential and helpful aspects of the money market.


What is our project?


We want to share our passion for microfinance with the rest of the Northwestern campus and educate the student body about microfinance.


To do this, we want to host a panel with local microfinance institutions in which companies can introduce their work and answer questions in regards to the field. They will explain what microfinance is, how to get involved, and what the daily work they do is. The event would be open to all Northwestern students and admission is free; we really want to spread the word about the often neglected, but beneficial, side of business.


Help us in making a difference in our local community, and increasing awareness of microfinance by supporting our spring panel. 


Choose a giving level



Helps us raise awareness of our panel and funds our advertising and pamphleting around campus.



Helps us arrange transportation for panelists and secure their safe and quick arrival.



In honor of our fantastic seniors, donations of this amount are designed to increase the liveliness and attractiveness of our panel. All money from this will be spent on food and snacks for the speakers.



Helps us pay and secure our speakers for our panel. Our speakers are all from very well established microlenders such as Accion or Kiva.



Donations at this level are stellar! They will go towards renting the event hall, paying logistical fees, and covering all operating fees!

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