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8-Person Racing Shell (Northwestern Crew)

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8-Person Racing Shell (Northwestern Crew)

Who We Are

As our team continues to grow and become more competitive, we aim to send out a strong fleet of Northwestern rowers at each and every regatta. To accomplish this, we continue to update our fleet with faster and safer boats. We need good form in addition to physical strength to be able to win races, and there is no better way to develop as teammates on the water than by having our rowers practice daily in a modern eight shell. Eights allow each rower to focus on perfecting the timing of their stroke alongside seven other rowers, while also developing a sense of balance and refining their technique. With good form in an eight, our team will become faster when rowing in fours, doubles or pairs by building off the solid technical foundations the eight helps bring about. As a team full of enthusiastic, talented rowers, we want to set ourselves up as best as possible for success when it comes to our equipment. A new eight will help us compete at a higher level and make our winter training all the more worth it when we get back on the water in the spring! 

Why We Need Your Help

We recently lost an eight-person racing shell in an automobile accident en-route to a fall regatta this past fall quarter, and we must replace it as soon as possible so our squad can have sufficient boats for our growing team. The loss of an eight-person racing shell hinders our ability to put as many rowers on the water each day as we need to in order to properly prepare for our spring season. 

Purchasing a used but high quality eight racing shell would allow our club to compete at a more competitive level because the large boats allow us to get more rowers on the water each morning, and help with developing timing and technique in a stable boat. Additionally, considering that all team members see personal growth each season, the newer equipment will contribute to the team’s future success, since newer boats are engineered to be faster. A boat will last our team for many years to come, so an additional boat in the fleet could make all the difference in our upcoming racing seasons!

How You Can Help

- Give! Every gift brings us closer to securing a new boat.

- Share this fundraiser on social media with your friends. 

The rowers and coxswains of NU Crew sincerely appreciate any contribution you can make to our team. Thank you and Go ’Cats!

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Bow Ball

Sitting at the front just like the bow ball, your gift leads the way to something great!



Help steer seniors in the right direction by making a gift to purchase a rudder!



Help us take a step in the right direction towards purchasing a new shell!



Your gift deserves a spot in the boat! With your contribution, we can purchase a seat in our new racing shell.



With your contribution, you’ll help everything click into place!



Just as a rigger supports an oar to row, your generous gift supports the improvement of our club!



Help us row to our goal when you help us purchase oars!



Your incredible generosity supports the boat and keeps us afloat!

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