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Run4Papa Eyes Mt. Everest Marathon to Fund Global Dementia Trial

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Run4Papa Eyes Mt. Everest Marathon

In partnership with Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Run4Papa has launched a game-changing initiative to raise funds towards developing and implementing integrated care programs for individuals with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA). The path forward will require that we collaborate with speech therapy specialists who can provide crucial services for individuals with a diagnosis and their family members. We are excited to go down this path, but need your help!

OUR GOAL: is to raise $17,600 to match the 17,600 feet at basecamp where the Marathon will begin. Your essential pilot funding donation will support a groundbreaking PPA study that will guarantee our patients are the beneficiaries of the latest medical research at Northwestern. We are approaching Round 2 of 3 on the path to “full implementation.”

Please know that 100% of your donation goes to fund The Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine.


Choose a giving level



Cost of shipping intervention materials to participants



Speech therapy tools (communication board, books, wallet)



Intervention equipment required for sessions (speakers, microphones)



Cost of a speech therapy session for participants



Cost to keep the communication bridge website running per month


Rock Climber

Cost of 1 iPad and equipment (apple pencil, keyboard, etc.) for Integrated Intervention Session


Rope Team

Creation of a new aphasia friendly education materials for individuals with PPA, their family and friends. These materials will help increase awareness and understanding of PPA.



The current Communication Bridge web application includes more than 20 instructional, strategy, and educational videos, which can be viewed on-demand. New video content and revised videos are needed. Creation of aphasia-friendly web-application videos support the intervention and provide the family with the ability to reinforce the content they learn during sessions. The video will be supported by closed captioned text to support comprehension of the material.


Summit Option 1

Our custom web application currently includes four custom home exercises which individuals with PPA practice to optimize language and communication abilities. Funds will be used to work with our web-application development partners to create a new web-application home exercise or feature to support the intervention, which aims to optimize communication and quality of life for individuals with PPA.


Summit Option 2

Our current intervention includes sessions with research staff for onboarding and multidisciplinary intervention sessions with a social worker and speech and language pathologist who have expertise in primary progressive aphasia. $10,000 will cover the cost of intervention sessions for one participant for one year (30+ Sessions, iPad and accessories, shipping, etc.).

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